Apple TV App Arrives To Sony’s Smart Android TVs

The Apple TV service is becoming natively available on Sony’s Android-running smart TVs. Well, some of those television sets, at least, but this news still describes an achievement that is very much collaborative.

Because of course that Apple wants its service to be available to as many users as possible. But doing so without dedicated hardware is not always easy, which may be why only the latest smart TVs from Sony are included in today’s announcement. And speaking of which, the release is targeting only the new X900H series, which is Sony’s latest premium series of smart TVs.

It is also exclusive to the United States for the time being – sorry, Canada. The service expansion brings the entirety of the Apple TV and Apple TV+ catalog to all currently sold X900H models. In practice, this means TVs released as far back as 2018. Consumers who buy one of the new iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs, or even Apple TV boxes are also still eligible for a full year of Apple TV free of charge.

So, keep that in mind before you pay for a subscription that technically already belongs to you. Today’s app release is a server-side thing only, so keep an eye out for an update notification on your Sony smart TV.

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