Google Lists Six Reasons Why Android 11 Is A Big Deal

Android 11 has been in a testing phase for a while now, passing through several developer previews and increasingly more stable releases across a dozen or so devices involved into its beta testing. The next operating system upgrade is almost ready to start rolling out globally, in fact.

Which is why Google is now trying to get some marketing momentum going. As the general public is still pretty uninformed about the next annual Android refresh, as per usual. Today, Google took to its official Keyword blog to list six key areas of improvement that Android 11 brings to the table.

Together, they make this OS upgrade a pretty big deal, Google says. The changes include deeper Google Assistant OS integrations with new in-app interactions, expanded Google Duo connectivity, and what is promised to be the end of all phone spam, thanks to the inclusion of a service called Verified Calls by Google. Furthermore, improved speech-to-text and other accessibility improvements are on their way to Android 11 as well, much like Action Blocks, a new way to communicate with people with disabilities and children.

Finally, Android 11 will also be bolstering Google’s entertainment offerings by serving as a platform for a wider launch of the Google TV app.

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