Intel Aims To Disrupt Data Centers With New Israeli Partner

Intel Corporation today announced it is entering into a multi-year collaboration with Israeli startup Lightbit Labs that will aim to shake the data center market to its very core. More specifically, the two companies intend to combine some of their proprietary tech into a comprehensive storage disaggregation platform.

For those not inside the loop, this charming name belongs to a highly specialized branch of digital storage technologies envisioned as a superior alternative to the data center industry’s traditional choice – collocated storage,. Compared to that classical alternative, disaggregated storage is a textbook example of something greater than a sum of its parts as it isn’t tied down to any sort of local disk-induced limitations.

Disaggregation also pretty much eliminates the risks associated with individual server failure seeing how it circulates data across a much wider network than a traditional server rack farm. As for today’s announcement, the newly unveiled partnership will unsurprisingly see Intel’s best cloud hardware running Lightbits Labs flagship platform – LightOS 2.0, arguably the most scalable native cloud storage integration for Kubernetes applications.

Intel’s contributions will include both SSDs, CPUs, and even its extremely versatile Optane sticks that are most accurately described as dynamic hybrids between SSDs and RAM.

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