Canon Unveils EOS C70 4K, Its First RF Cinema Camera

Canon U.S.A. today announced the newest addition to its digital camera portfolio in the shape of the EOS C70 4K. This happens to be the Japanese imaging giant’s very first EOS cinema camera that uses the RF Mount. For those not in the loop, this is how Canon calls its newest interchangeable mount standard specifically designed for high-end mirrorless cameras.

The specification is meant to simultaneously succeed both the EF and EF-S mounts, albeit in a gradual manner, by offering itself up as a fully capable alternative with backwards compatibility. Well, it has been over two years since first RF products started hitting the market, but Canon has so far been very shy with introducing new bodies capable of maximizing the potential of these futuristic lenses. That changes today, at least in the cinema department, with the launch of the EOS C70 4K.

Taken straight from an average videographer’s dream, this feat of consumer tech will become available for purchase in the United States this November. We are still waiting for an official release date, assuming Canon manages a nationwide debut, but in the meantime, the company at least confirmed this luxury is going to cost us.

As the Canon EOS C70 4K has a steep MSRP amounting to $5,499.99.

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