MSI PRO 22XT 10M Is An All-In-One You Can Afford

All-in-ones are a PC category that is not exactly known for its affordability, with exceptions being very few and far between. But one of those is actually releasing across the United States today, and it comes from MSI. Called the MSI PRO 22XT 10M, this personal computer is a true all-in-one that you can actually afford. As it starts at only $499, which is way within reach of many casual users. So, the kind that wouldn’t want to spend a four-digit dollar figure on a PC.

It has been at least a decade since all-in-ones became one of the more aggressively advertised form factors in the PC market, but a lot of these devices have been kind of self-defeating. The average review of such a product from any year usually criticizes the bad value for money a given all-in-one offers, and usually pairs that with concerns over sustainability. Because cramming a lot of components into a small space gives you laptop-like computing prowess with laptop-like cooling performance.

Yet most all-in-ones were priced as extremely premium desktop PC builds which outclass them across any hardware level by a noticeable margin. At least the MSI PRO 22XT 10M does not try selling itself as something it’s not, which is a PC meant to be used for anything but casual Internet browsing and multimedia viewing. Of course, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, either, but that’s why it’s so affordable in the first place. You can pick it up from Newegg as of today, or pre-order it from B&H.

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