An Entire Battalion Of Lenovo Ubuntu PCs Coming to The U.S.

While some Lenovo-made Ubuntu machines recently found their way to the Internet via leaks, hardly anyone expected the Chinese brand to announce an entire battalion’s worth of such personal computers and notebooks.

Yet that is exactly what happened just minutes ago as Lenovo publicized the most elaborate love letter to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to date. Well, save for one specific (L-branded) PC configuration that will actually ship with the 18.04 release.

Regardless, we have two and a half dozen of new Ubuntu machines on their way to the U.S. in the coming weeks. And they cover pretty much any use case you could think of and expect to accomplish on a Linux machine. So, anything besides running a AAA game outside of some memory-leaking virtual machine. In all seriousness, Lenovo’s latest device portfolio encompasses several ThinkPad T14, T15, X13, X1, L14, L15, and P-series models each.

And that’s before we take a look at the ThinkStation desktop towers which come in no fewer than seven specialized rigs, including a couple of extremely boxy, compact ones. As things stand right now, the majority of these new products will be aimed at enterprise consumers but you may stumble upon one or two of them outside of wholesale storefronts in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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