GoPro HERO9 Black Is Official And Already Available In The U.S.

Famed action camera company GoPro today both announced and released the latest addition to its flagship product lineup. That would be the GoPro HERO family, and the camera in question is the much-rumored GoPro HERO9 Black, of course.

Consumers in the United States can already order the camera for $499, which is exactly how much the 360-degree GoPro MAX retailed for since releasing a year ago. Curiously, You can actually get away with paying just $399.98, assuming you’re an active GoPro subscriber.

So, you’re still paying for the difference, just in a roundabout way, to a degree. As for the camera at hand, it comes with a new sensor promising 5K video capture and 20-megapixel photos, both of which should do wonders for sports and other types of action photography. Other features include 1080p webcam mode, a 2.27-inch rear touchscreen, RAW photo support, improved in-device multimedia editing tools, and a three-mic setup guaranteeing capable active noise cancelation.

It also promises up to 30% longer battery life than the GoPro HERO8 from 2019, so there’s that. While technically already available, it’s very likely that initial supplies are going to be super limited, so try to plan accordingly.

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