11th Gen Intel Core CPUs Promise Unprecedentedly Powerful Ultrabooks

Santa Clara-based processor veterans at Intel today announced the eleventh generation of their Intel Core processors. The new CPU series is already in the works across over 150 individual specifications, which probably means around 40 or so actual product lines. Remember that laptops are usually offered in at least half a dozen configurations, primarily differentiated from one another based on RAM, disk storage space, and CPU model of choice.

As for the latest generation of Intel processors at hand, the most unique thing about it is the inclusion of the Intel Iris Xe graphics chip which is meant to replace the old Intel HD integrated standard with up to 2.7 times better video rendering times and a 200% improvement in encoding speeds in streaming applications. Of course, this also makes all of the 11th Gen Intel Core processors mighty solutions for portable workstations and whatever their end-user implementation, Intel says it is certain they will usher in a new era of unprecedentedly strong ulbrabooks.

The initial lineup includes three 11th Gen Intel Core i7 models, two i5 ones, and four i3 specifications, though the latter group doesn’t use the Iris Xe but the older Intel UHD Graphics tech instead. First laptops using these CPUs should hit the U.S. in the weeks ahead.

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