NVIDIA Reflex Tech Promises To Be Gaming’s Final Solution To Latency

NVIDIA today announced a wide range of offerings, both in terms of hardware and software. But there is one member of that latter camp, however, that appears to be particularly peculiar in both its concept and execution.

That would be the NVIDIA Reflex, which is how the firm is calling its newest technology designed to crack down on the challenges stemming from poort streaming and broadcasting latencies harder than any other effort, person, or thing ever did or even just hoped to do. The platform is based on two major innvoations, the first of which is the NVIDIA Reflex SDK, i.e. a toolset collection allowing developers to eliminate an incredible volume of latency from their games and streams in just a few API calls.

Needless to say, the second part of the equation comes in a hardware form, but not just as part of NVIDIA’s latest GPUs, all of which are naturally optimized for NVIDIA Reflex. Instead, display manufacturers like ACER, MSI, Dell, Dell’s Alienware, and the like are already implementing this tech into their monitors.

As a direct result of that effort, we are now seeing the world’s first gaming montiors with insane 360Hz refresh rates hit the market.

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