360Hz Gaming Monitors Are Now A Thing, Thanks To NVIDIA

If you ever thought 144Hz is overkill, wait until you see what will be starting at you from the front window of every computer shop you see this holiday season. As part of today’s GeForce event that saw the announcements of the new RTX 30 series graphics cards, NVIDIA also revealed some interesting details about its other pioneering efforts which are largely responsible for the fact that you can forget about large 120HZ TV’s because 360Hz gaming monitors are now, in fact, a thing.

One that is here to stay and become relatively affordable in a reasonably short timeframe, as tech tends to do. Alienware, ACER, MSI, and ASUS unveiled their first such monitors, with the first-generation products obviously being aimed at professional esportes players for the time being.

Between the NVIDIA Reflex latency tech, breakthroughs in IPS panel technology in the form of dual-driver IPS modules, and a dash of AI, the immediate future of PC gaming hardware seems pretty jaw-dropping from where we are standing. Expect these new monitors to be at the center of any and every esports event in the U.S. and beyond moving forward.

As for the timing of their market release, all four of the aforementioned manufacturers promised we’ll be seeing them in stores in time for this year’s holiday season.

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