HP’s Latest Partnership May Finally Make 3D Printing Scalable

HP is teaming up with Seattle, Washington-based Dyndrite Developer Council, a company behind one of the most advanced core accelerated geometry kernels on the planet, all with the goal of finally introducing some much-needed scalability to the 3D printing industry.

Despite revolutionizing prototyping across countless sectors, 3D printing, on the whole, remains sluggish to grow in terms of commercial applications, largely due to the fact that basing flow production on such technologies is a timely and costly undertaking, one that few have dared to pursue to date. That may finally begin changing following this newly established collaborative effort that Dyndrite and HP announced today.

The two companies will work together to create end-to-end 3D printing solutions for mass manufacturing in an effort to solve most of the major challenges in scaling 3D printing manufacturing before the less tech-savvy industries give up on the tech prematurely out of frustration.

Dyndrite’s kernel will, of course, be at the heart of this initiative, seeking to snowball some much-needed innovation through aggressive iteration, the kind that can only be made possible with full backing from a hardware giant such as HP. So, here is to hoping, especially given how the newly declared partners sound extremely ambitions, keen to make a difference in just a few years’ time.

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