U.S. Pre-Orders For Unlocked Motorola Edge Are Live

Since Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, the mobile company hasn’t been too focused on its former home country, as a market. Whether that strategy will begin changing in the near future isn’t clear, but one of its rare smartphones officially set to arrive to the United States has just went live for pre-orders.

We are talking about the Motorola Edge, an unlocked variant of the Motorola Edge+ which debuted stateside as a Verizon exclusive this spring. The original device was all the more unique for being pretty close to what is considered a flagship these days, apart from not having the absolute most expensive chipset out there. But if $1,000 was too much for you when paired with a two-year contract, this unlocked Motorola Edge model offers an alternative at half that price, at least if you pre-order the device from B&H, Amazon, or directly from Motorola itself.

After release, which is currently pegged for July 31st, the device will go back to retailing for $700 in the United States. For how long will that price tag hold up is another matter entirely. But paying more than $500 for a Snapdragon 765 device in the final third of 2020 is probably not worth it for anyone pursuing pure value. Especially since the U.S. Motorola Edge model does not support 5G networks.

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