Parrot ANAFI USA Announced with Thermal Imaging Capabilities

French drone startup Parrot today annouced the launch of the Parrot ANAFI USA, what is essentially a cross between a predator and a spy drone, or maybe one fitted for emergency services. Because the ANAFI USA has two big selling points, and neither of them has too great pprivacy implications.

So, what we are, namely, looking at here, is a thermal imaging drone, albeit one that also utilizes a pretty capable telephoto lens. Of course, such a contraption might simply be used for hunting or something of the sort, but you know, it’s not the easiest thing to advertise on a scale. which could be why Parrot is sticking with the enterprise sector and government agencies.

Not those kinds of government agencies, though, but firefighters, duh. While hardly the first to deliver such a device, Parrot is has pretty high expectations of the ANAFI USA in terms of commercial targets, largely due to the fact this drone is supposed to be immeasurably easier to pilot than any remotely similar pilotless aircraft.

The ANAFI USA will enter commercial use in the months ahead, though perhaps in a slightly changed configuration. Namely, the drone Parrot announced today is merely meant to be a reference design, the company confirmed.

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