Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition Sells Out Before Official Release

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition has not even had an official market release just yet, but it is already sold out across every market in which pre-orders have been available for longer than a few hours to date. Including South Korea, Samsung’s home turf and the home country of the Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, a global boy band phenomenon.

Samsung only started collaborating with BTS earlier this year, but the volume of social media traction and customer interactions this campaign generated so far show much promise and suggest the Seoul-based company will be doing everything it can to continue this mutually beneficial relationship in the months – if not years – ahead. The Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition just became available for pre-orders in the United States earlier today and likely won’t evade the “sold out” label for long, either.

Besides the smartphone itself, Samsung is also planning to release a similar purple-colored limited edition of the Galaxy Buds+ wireless earbuds, as well as one of its latest wireless chargers compatible with both of those gadgets. Of course, this pre-order success does miss one crucial bit of context – the number of Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition units Samsung originally intended to produce and sell, assuming those two are the same.

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