Nikon D6 Flagship DSLR Camera Gets U.S. Release Date

The Nikon D6, Nikon’s latest flagship digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, will soon become available to buy across the United States. This news follows some minor delays caused by the reality of 2020. But moving on to more uplifting news, the Nikon D6 will finally be within the grasp of American buyers starting on May 21st, which falls on Thursday, of all days. Nikon has also confirmed the final retail pricing of the D6 during today’s announcement.

That figure stands at $6,499.95, which may seem crazy to many, but remember, this is a camera solely advertised to seasoned professionals. Unless you have a relatively feasible way to make this investment pay for itself, you should probably look elsewhere for your photography needs. Well, assuming you have not won any lotteries recently, that is. In any case, that figure above is a manufacturer’s recommendation and not something set in stone, so you may be able to save a few bucks through cashbacks and other promotional deals specific to your bank, credit card provider, or distributor (store) of choice.

The main selling point of the Nikon D6 is its ability to capture 14 frames per second, which is quite a feat of still photography. It is also the main thing making this investment make sense over going the mirrorless route in the year of 2020. Mirrorless cameras may be the universal future, but for photographers specializing in capturing fast-paced action, all-digital cameras are still somewhat lacking compared to their mechanical alternatives, both in terms of burst speed and viewfinder performance, as well as autofocusing capabilities.

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