GoPro MAX Updated With 3K 60fps Recording Support

Action camera manufactrurer GoPro today started deploying a new software update for its GoPro MAX camera. While that is hardly unusual, what is on board of this software release is certainly not something you see every day. Because this software update actually squeezes out significantly more performance out of the GoPro MAX. More specifically, following the installation of the update, GoPro MAX owners will unlock the ability to record 3K footage at 60 frames per second.

And mind you, this is a 360-degree action camera we are talking about, so that just makes this achievement all the more impressive. Another new feature arriving as part of this firmware upgrade is the so-called 2x Slo-Mo timelapse video, and the over-the-air release also enables the camera to do photographic timelapses suitable for VR consumption. So, overall, this is turning to be quite a day for the almost year-old GoPro MAX. Of course, we are still expecting to see the company announce its new GoPro HERO9 flagship in the weeks ahead, but development will certainly keep GoPro’s most loyal fans busy in the meantime.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the waterproof camera to get treated to a permanent price cut, no matter how small, but hopefuly that happens by Black Friday.

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