MSI GeForce GTX 1650 D6 GPUs Promise Gaming On A Budget

Gaming hardware manufacturer MSI today announced not one, not even seven, but eight custom configurations of the GeForce GTX 1650, NVIDIA’s recently announced budget GPU. This is actually one of the first implementations of the said GPU reference, based on the Turing microarchitecture, that utilizes GDDR6 VRAM. That’s what that “D6” designation is meant to signify, MSI revealed in today’s announcement of the new lineup.

The GDDR5 variants of its GTX 1650 GPUs will still be retailing in the United States, at least until stocks last, naturally. But the D6 part of the newer series’ name is meant to help consumers tell the two apart at a glance. It is still unclear how much cheaper will the older 1650s get after this release, as their successors are still without an official price tag or even just a vague price range.

However, expect the new graphics cards to start at under $300. After all, NVIDIA’s original reference design was announced with a $279 price tag. The new MSI components are divided into two categories: the regular one, and the overclocked one. There will be additional divisions when it comes to branding, as MSI has confirmed four such lineups called the GTX 1650 D6 LP for compact PC builds, the GTX 1650 D6 AERO ITX line for a slightly more powerful setup that’s still highly portable, the GTX 1650 D6 VENTUS XS series for even more power at the expense of even more portability, and the all-out GTX 1650 D6 GAMING brand which will encompass traditional desktop GPUs.

Expect these new models to release in the U.S. by early summer.

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