Magic Leap Launches Mixed-Reality Starter Pack For Remote Collabs

Magic Leap has announced a pretty impromptu mixed-reality offering earlier today; one that seeks to capitalize on recent developments that forced many companies to replace packed offices with sizable remote teams.

Simply called the Magic Leap Collaboration Quick Start package, this offering intends to provide a painless entry point into the workplace of the future, one that is accessed with a pair of mixed-reality goggles akin to the actual Magic Leap 1 device.

The base specification includes four Magic Leap 1 headsets offered as rentals. The trial period can last up to 45 days, depending on how long a particular team needs within that time frame. Complete technology setup can be performed by a remote-connected technician as part of this package, the company has revealed.

Finally, digital credit for a single Magic Leap 1 package purchase will be issued at the end of the trial period. All for just five grand – a bargain, especially once you relize shipping costs are included in that figure (but not any applicable tax).

Whether this move pans out is still up in the air, though Magic Leap appears to have maintained its recent direction and remains keen to continue pursuing enterprise mixed-reality applications across any and every scale.

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