New TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatches Start At $1,800

TAG Heuer today announced the 2020 variants of its TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches. The announcement also included pricing information, which is as spicy as you can expect from a luxury timepiece maker. In this case, we are talking about a small product refresh that still commands a price that is anything but as even the cheapest-looking TAG Heuer Connected model from this lineup that comes with a rubber bracelet will go for $1,800.

If you want a steel bracelet that matches the stainless steel used for the body of this luxury smartwatch, expect to pay at least $1,950, depending on the exact variant. Both of those figures are planned for the entry-level form factor, which means a timepiece with a somewhat compact, 45mm body. Curiously, the new TAG Heuer Connected watches still lack mobile connectivity, so they aren’t fully operational without a smartphone to accompany them.

Still, there is plenty of high-precision sensors such as a heart rate monitor to gawk at here. The setup uses a 440mAh battery said to be sufficient for up to 20 hours of active use. Of course, expect that time to be cut drastically shorter if we are talking about GPS usage scenarios. The new TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches that embrace the Snapdragon 3100 SoC will be releasing globally by early summer, the Swiss watchmaker announced.

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