Dell Warns Of Alarming Rise In 2020 Cyber Attacks

Earlier today, American consumer electronics and software giant Dell announced the publication of its latest cybersecurity report trying to feel the pulse of one of the most sensitive industries in the world. According to its preliminary findings, the tech industry has seen better days from the perspective of potential threats. Because the firm observed an alarming rise in cyber attacks across the board, just when we thought 2020 was already off to a bad enough start on its own.

Making matters even worse is that this new home office reality is also guaranteed to boost the sheer volume of sensitive data companies across the United States and the rest of the world handle on a daily basis. This trend can already be seen over the last four-year period for which Dell reports an enormous, 831% increase in the size of the average organization’s digital library. As of last month, that figure amounts to 13.53 petabytes of data per an organization, which is a lot of potential info leaks to worry about. The annual cost of data losses already surpassed the million-dollar mark on a global level earlier this year, Dell warned.

The report concludes that cybersecurity has not been given enough thought in the ongoing 5G tech rollouts across the U.S. Because two-thirds of companies already in the process of embracing 5G solutions admitted to having difficulties with identifying optimal cybersecurity solutions fit for their specific applications and budgets.

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