Logitech StreamCam Is An Offer YouTubers Can’t Refuse

The Logitech StreamCam is not just one of the most stylish webcams we have had the pleasure of encountering in recent years; it is also an extremely bold undertaking on Logitech’s part as the PC peripheral manufacturer now appears to be pursuing the ever-growing YouTube community in an extremely confident fashion.

Announced earlier today, this unusually designed webcam promises to record 1080p clips at 60 frames per second with basically zero setup and an incredibly low latency thanks to the fact that its default communications port happens to be USB Type-C.

Combined with a handful of varied mounting options available out of the box with no extra accessories, it is hard to predict the Logitech StreamCam will end up achieving anything but absolute stardom, so long as it manages to avoid classical pitfalls such as widespread manufacturing defects. Which, to be frank, have rarely been an issue with Logitech hardware in the past. The StreamCam comes with built-in support for the Open Broadccaster Software standard and XSplit, which covers two of by far the most widely used streaming specifications on the planet as of today.

Add in facial recognition support and an AI-powered framing mechanism and you have a product many are understandably genuinely excited for. And best of all, this well-rounded package will retail at only $169.99 in the United States, which places it well within reach of any aspiring YouTube and Twitch creator, streamer, and the like.

Logitech hasn’t mentioned any pre-orders as of right now, so expect the StreamCam to hit the U.S. market without any particular fanfare by late March.

Update: YouTubers already started shipping out reviews of the Logitech StreamCam.

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