AMD Teams Up With Mercedes-AMG For That Invaluable Mental Connection About Fast Things

In today’s edition of things that happen completely at random while leaving discernible trail of logic in their wake, AMD is teaming up with AMG. The Mercedes-AMG, that is. Or, to be even more specific: the Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team.

I guess you cannot look too hard into any sports sponsorship if immediate value is what you are concerned about. Otherwise, the entire city of Manchster (the British one, not the New Hampshir locale) would be driving Chevrolet SUVs by now. But yeah, AMD is sticking its logo on a Formula 1 bolide.

Maybe it even convinces Lewis Hamilton to tweet about the next generation of Radeon GPUs or something. It will even supply some of its EPYC server processors and Ryzen Pro notebook CPUs to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. All with the goal of ensuring more than zero people happen to make that loose mental connection between its hardware and cars that go “vroom.” Get it? They’re both fast.

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