Review: Prodigee Show Case, Lace White, For iPhone 5 And 5S

I hadn’t heard of Progidee before they contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their cases.  Turns out I wish I’d heard of Prodigee before!  The San Diego based company makes a ton of really fun and functional cases for not only the iPhone but the entire line of Galaxy line of mobile devices and all the iPads too.  These aren’t your genetic, garden variety, plain black case either.  Each Prodigee case feature a different design that’s whimsical yet remains completely operational too.

In this first, of what will be many Prodigee case reviews to come, I’ll check out the Prodigee Show Case for the iPhone 5 and 5s.  The Show Case allows you to enjoy some of the look of the back of your iPhone 5 and 5s while somewhat altering its design with a lace back that manages to be modern yet classic at the same time.  Each Prodigee Case comes along with a front screen shield and that means you’ll have full, 360 degree protection, for your precious iPhone 5 or 5s.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch the video at the end of the review for a more up close and personal look at the Prodigee Show Case, Lace White, For iPhone 5 and 5s.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the case along with a single, crystal clear, front screen shield for the iPhone 5/5s.  There’s also a small microfiber cloth included with the case which can be used to clean the screen before you apply the screen protector.

Here’s what Prodigee has to say about the Show Case, Lace White, For iPhone 5 and 5s.

  • Designed for iPhone 5 / 5s
  • Slim dual-layer design
  • Protective impact absorption silicone core
  • Shock dispersion outer shell
  • Smooth satin exterior finish
  • Soft coated interior to prevent scratches
  • Metallic finish for features buttons
  • Screen protector friendly

The Prodigee Show Case, Lace White, For iPhone 5 and 5s comes in your choice of two colors.  You can select from either White (as seen in this review) or Black.

The Show Case is comprised of two parts.  A white rubber bumper and a polycarbonate outer case.  The inner white bumper is meant to be placed on the phone first, before you install the outside part.  This bumper has built in metal buttons covering both the volume up and down buttons as well as the sleep/wake button too.  The outer plastic part, which has a lace pattern printed on it, even has a bit of 3D texture to it.  You can actually feel the pattern of the lace printed on the back.  Not only does this provide a unique look but also exceptional feel in the hand too while you’re holding the case.  Prodigee has printed their logo in the lower right portion of the tough plastic shell.

To place the case on your phone you start by inserting your phone into the rubber bumper.  Once properly seated, with all of the ports and controls lined up, you can proceed to insert your phone into the back section of the case.  Once it’s together the case doesn’t feel like it’s a two piece case at all.  At first glance, or at first feel, it actually resembles a one piece design.  You’ll find that there’s plenty of “lay-on-the-table” from the Show Case.  The white, rubber lip of the case comes up, higher than the glass screen of the iPhone 5/5s.  So when you place your phone screen side down onto a flat surface the lip of the case will make contact with the surface before the screen of phone does.

While your phone is inside the case you’ll still have access to all of it’s ports and controls.  Along the bottom of the case you’ll find three cutouts, one for the speaker and headset jack, another for the Lightning Port and a third for the microphone.  Along the side and the top the metal buttons built into the case give a good amount of tactile feedback when pressed.  The cutout for the vibrate switch is large enough that it’s easy to flip the switch into vibrate mode or back to audio mode without obstruction.  The back of case feature a oval shaped cutout for the phone’s rear facing camera, LED flash and secondary microphone.

The Prodigee Show Case for the iPhone 5 and 5s comes in two colors, black or white.  The Show Case features hybrid style protection thanks to a soft inner rubber bumper that’s good for absorbing shock and impact.  The outside section of the case, which is made from a tougher polycarbonate, does a good job of protecting your phone from bumps and dings.  The lace pattern on the back of the case not only provides for a cool looking design but also gives a good amount of grip in the hand while holding the case as well.  If you’re in the market for a new case for your iPhone 5 or 5s have a look at the Prodigee Show Case today!

You can learn more about the Prodigee Show Case, Lace White, For iPhone 5 and 5s by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

To save 50% off your Prodigee Case order just use the promo code “GENIUS” at checkout.

MSRP:  $34.99

PROS:  Unique design.  Multiple colors.  Hybrid style protection.  Comes with screen protector.

CONS:  None.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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