Review & Giveaway: ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass For Apple iPhone 5

Once you use a tempered glass style screen shield on your iPhone 5 there’s simply no going back.  The look at feel that a glass shield provides is so similar to that of a naked iPhone’s screen that there really is no reason not to use one.  Why wouldn’t you want to protect your iPhone 5′s screen in a manner that doesn’t alter the look and feel in any way?  That’a just what the ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5 promises.  A easy and clean install, crystal clear finish with an oleophobic coating and rounded edges make the ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5 a perfect companion for the iPhone 5.

Read on through for my full review and be sure to catch my video at the end for an up close and personal look at the ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the screen protector along with a prep kit which includes both a wet cloth for cleaning your phone’s screen and a microfiber cloth for drying it.

Here’s what Armorz has to say about the Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5.

“Armorz Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass protector engaged with tapered process, the R incision rounding edges provide a sleek, more aesthetically enhanced profile on the device while reinforcing critical points of impact that bolsters durability. Stamped with 9H hardness to safeguard the device from heavy-duty scratches and abrasions, and ensures protection against impact from wayward objects by effectively absorbing the impact. CAUTION *The silicon adhesive system is designed for one off application. When reapply, the adhesive properties might wear off. It is not recommended to reuse once applied. Using excessive force when installing the film may damage the product.”

  • Shatterproof: If broken, Extreme R keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • Drop: R incision rounding edges help to deflect shock from bumps and drops, allowing it to absorb impact and prevent damage from occurring to your screen.
  • Ultra-Thin Bezel: 0.4mm thick strips provide exceptional touch sensitivity and will not add bulk to your device.
  • Oleophobic Coating: The Extreme R has an oleophobic coating that reduces the appearance of fingerprints.

Just like any other screen shield installation the MOST IMPORTANT step in the process is pre-install.  Use the included kit to clean your screen.  You must make sure that your phone’s screen is 100% free of all dust and debris.  A single speck of dust left on the screen will result in a bubble forming under the screen protector.  Armorz does point out that their shields are designed for a single application.  Removing them will weaken the adhesive and result in a less than stellar second application.  This is the case with most every tempered glass screen shield and just reinforces the need to get it right the first time.

Once you’re absolutely sure you phone’s screen is clean you’re ready to install the ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone.  Do so by first removing the protective backing covering the adhesive side of the screen protector.  This is has a gray pull tab label ’1.”  Then acting quickly, place the screen shield down on the glass screen of your iPhone 5 taking care to align the shield with the home button and the front facing camera.

Lightly press down on the screen protector to activate the adhesive.  You’ll see it slowly spread from the center to the edges, like the blob.  You can use a credit card to speed up the process and finish off setting any adhesive that doesn’t move out on its own.

To prevent counterfeiting Armorz has stamped their logo on the lower right corner of the Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5.  While I understand the “why” and realize it’s not terribly large or garish, I’m still a bit turned off by this.  If the goal of a perfect screen shield installation is to finish with an iPhone 5 screen that looks as though there is no screen shield installed on it at all, then this isn’t 100% achievable with the ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5.  However, if you’re someone who like to show off your brand of choice or someone who wants to be absolutely certain that you’re getting what you paid for, then you’ll probably appreciate this feature.

I reached out to Armorz about the logo and they did inform me that they’ve made it less visible on all models of the Stealth Extreme except for the iPhone 5 and will  be lightening it for the next iPhone version to be released, presumably the 5s.

Once it’s on your phone the ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5 is as close to the iPhone 5′s naked glass screen as you’re going to find.  The rounded edges of the shield make it more compatible with cases and the oleophobic coating is resistant to fingerprints.

While there is no install guarantee spelled out on the Armorz web site the company told me that this is due to the ease of installation the Stealth Extreme offers.  They did state that if for any reason a customer has trouble with their purchase and install they are free to contact their customer service department to discuss replacement.  I’ve tried a lot of tempered glass screen shields and the Armorz product is among the best I’ve had a chance to review.  It installs easily but perhaps more importantly looks and feels amazing once you’re done.  If you’ve never used a tempered glass screen shield along with your iPhone 5 you’re missing out on something special.  If you’ve never tried the Armorz Stealth Extreme R, well the you’re missing out on something equally as special.

Armorz was kind enough to send along 4 extra Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5 to giveaway.  Details on how you might win won are located below.  This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Just click this link to enter, you’ll open the contest widget in a new window.

You can learn more about the  ARMORZ Stealth Extreme R Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5 by visiting this page on the web site or visit the Armorz web site here.

MSRP:  $39.95

PROS:  Crystal clear.  Feels just like the iPhone’s actual glass screen.  Oleophobic coating.  Rounded edges.

CONS:  Logo.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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