Review: VanityCases Purple Glitter & Clear Rhinestones iPhone Charger & Cord

I live in a house with four women (my wife and three daughters).  Each owns some sort of iOS device.  My wife and two oldest girls, iPhones and our youngest an iPod touch.  One of the challenges we face as a family occurs any time we’re packing for a trip.  I call it the “charger hunt.”  Like clockwork there is almost always an argument between the four over which iPhone charger belongs to which person, where they even are and who’s bringing which one.  While I could probably simply label the chargers with a label maker – let’s face it – these are girls and labels just aren’t cool.

I think Vanity Cases has the answer I’ve been looking for when it comes to a permanent way to determine which charger belongs to which person.  Oh yeah, they’ve got a bunch of other cool things for the iPhone too.

Read on through for my full review.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the both the 5W charging brick and the 30 pin cable.  This particular setup will work with the iPhone (everything except the 5), the iPod touch (everything except the 5G) and other iPods.  Basically anything except devices that use the new Lighting port and except the larger iPad.

Here’s what VanityCases has to say about the Purple Glitter & Clear Rhinestones iPhone Charger & Cord.

Ever have someone claim “No, thats MY charger!”… Never again with this beautiful wall adapter for your iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, iPad and iPod. It has a black base and is covered in a purple glitter pattern, with clear rhinestones wrapping around it. The 30-pin cord matches.

The 5W adapter is coated in a mix of both purple glitter and clear rhinestones.  Instead of the traditional white for the brick, this particular 5W charger is black.

The 30 pin charge and sync cable is also coated in the same to match.  Instead of the traditional white cable VanityCases uses a black cable, which I know some people will prefer.  The cable length is the same as the cable Apple includes with their devices.

Put the two pieces together and you’ve got an iPhone or iPod charge and sync solution that’s totally personalized and just your own.  No one will mistake it for yours, unless of course they like it so much they order the same design.  Good thing VanityCases offers a bunch of different charge and sync solutions so that there’s plenty to choose from.

If you often find yourself mixing up your iPhone or iPod charger or sync cable with roommates, co-workes, family members or anyone at all, a unique charger is a great way to make sure no one grabs your charger by mistake.  VanityCases offers several different styled charging solutions for the iPhone and iPod.  To get yourself a new Apple 5W charger and sync cable will cost you $40.  VanityCases offers both, with their stylized personalization, for less than half that.  I’d say that’s a win.

You can learn more about the VanityCases Purple Glitter & Clear Rhinestones iPhone Charger & Cord by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

To check out all of their products head here.

MSRP:  $14.99

PROS:  Inexpensive.  Unique.

CONS:  Can’t tell which side of the 30 pin connector is the top.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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