Review: Clear-Coat Aurora iPhone Skins

Clear-Coat has been making full body, protective skins for mobile devices for a long time.  They’ve been making them really well too.  Simply put, the company is the best when it comes to not only protecting your iPhone 5 with a clear film, but protecting your invest as well.  Clear-Coat has the very best customer service philosophy around.  If at anytime something should go wrong with your Clear-Coat product, they replace it.  No questions asked.  For a company who does one thing, and does it really well, to release a new product, you know it has to be special.  That’s just what the new Clear-Coat Aurora Skin for the iPhone 5 is.  Special.  So special in fact that in all my time reviewing iPhone accessories I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like it.  It’s flat out magical.  Want to see the new Aurora Skin in action?

Read on through for my full review.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the full body skin along with installation solution and a squeegee.  You’ll also get a single clear, front skin, although this was missing from my review sample.

Here’s what Clear-Coat has to say about the Aurora iPhone Skins.

“What you get

Aurora Skin to cover the back, sides and front of the iPhone. Bonus: includes a FREE Clear-Coat screen protector.

Aurora Effect

See your iPhone shimmer like never before with the Aurora effect.

Total 360° Coverage

Adds a futuristic look to the back, sides and front of your iPhone.

Guaranteed for life

Get a replacement any time, for any reason, as many times as you’d like.”

The Aurora Skin is installed just like Clear-Coat’s regular skin product.  That means you’ll be using a wet solution to activate the adhesive on the back of the skins.  One note, in the package you’ll find a single clear front skin in addition to the single Aurora front skin.  You’ll need to choose which one to install – not both.  If you’re turned off by the color hue on your screen that the Aurora omits, just install it on the sides and back and use the clear skin for the front.  If not, go all in and install the Aurora everywhere, like I did.

If you’ve never seen a Clear-Coat skin installed be sure to watch the install video the company provides here.

Once on, the Aurora Skin covers almost all of your iPhone 5. Only a small area around the bottom of the phone is left exposed.

The key to the Aurora Skin is its ability to change colors as you move it around. Since this is hard to pick up with photos please watch my video review below to see the true power behind the Aurora Skin.

Color changing skins work well but they do one thing – change your phone to one color and one color only.  Full housing swaps are expensive and also void your warranty.  The Clear-Coat Aurora skin doesn’t just change your iPhone into one color.  It allows you to visualize your iPhone in a range of colors.  The more you move it the more it changes.  Seriously, the Aurora Skin is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!  Add in Clear-Coat’s no questions asked, lifetime warranty and what you’re left with is something special.  You’re going to want to check out the Aurora Skin.

You can learn more about the Clear-Coat Aurora iPhone Skins by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $34.99

PROS:  Lifetime guarantee.  Totally unique.

CONS:  Wet install may be difficult for some.


Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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