HornetTek Tai-chi iPad Folio Review

Since getting an iPad Mini I’ve been admittedly neglecting my larger iPad with Retina Display.  HornetTek recently sent me their Tai-chi case for the larger iPad so it was a good excuse to start using it again.  HornetTek says that the Tai-chi, with a simple snap into the hard shell, covers the back of your New iPad and secures the device. Tailored bends enabling the case to act as a stand for viewing media or slightly elevated for the optimum typing position. The case does have the Smart Cover feature enabling sleep mode on your iPad when the cover is closed but fully awakening it when the cover is opened.

Read on for my full review.

Then Tai-chi case is offered in several different color combinations.  The review sample HornetTek sent me is Black and Red but the case is also offered in Black and Orange and Black and Blue.  There’s also a white option of the case as well.

The packaging includes nothing but the case itself.  This isn’t surprisingly though.  Most iPad cases do not include a screen protector.

On the outside the case features a pebbled texture which resembles leather.

Open the flap and you’ll reveal the two-tone colored look with an entirely red interior.  The right side of the case is crafted from a hard, polycarbonate back that you are meant to snap your iPad into.

Once it’s inside the iPad feels very secure. It’s a tight fit.

The case features all the cutouts you’d expect from an iPad case.

The Tai-chi can stand the iPad up in two angles.  A video mode as seen above.

Or a more relaxed angle for typing.

You can learn more about the HornetTek Tai-chi case for the iPad by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $49.99

PROS:  Two-tone design.  Multiple color choices.  Slim.

CONS:  Stand modes can be difficult to enable.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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