Luma13 Luma Guard for iPad and iPhone 5 Review

Skins for your mobile devices are cool but if you use them you usually have to make a choice.  Skin or case?  When you install a skin on your iPad or iPhone they’re usually so thick that they prevent you from using a protective case as well.  The Luma13 Luma Guard is paper thin.  So thin that once you install it you’ll still be able to use most cases with your iPhone and iPad.  If you’ve been looking for an easy way to change the color of your mobile device but still want to be able to use a case these are the skins you want to check out.

Click on through to check out my full video review of the Luma13 Luma Guard.  When you’re done watching you can learn more about this product by visiting the company’s web site here.

What Luma13 says about the Luma Guard…

LumaGuard for iPhone is a premium protective film that covers up to 90% of its aluminum surface. Keeping your device from unintended markings & preserving its industrial beauty. And of course, coming in a variety of matte finished colors.

MSRP:  $14 – $34

PROS:  Thin enough to fit with most cases.

CONS:  Difficult to install.  Can’t be reused.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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