Review: Colcasac Uintah Sleeve for MacBook Air 11″

As I’ve mentioned before, Colcasac is one of my favorite companies: the exceptional quality of their organically grown cotton and top-notch customer service reign above many other companies. Known for making sleeves for everything Apple, Colcasac was kind enough to send me their Uintah Sleeve for the MacBook Air 11″. What did I think? Read on after the break.

The Uintah sleeve possesses a simple design that Colcasac has become famous for. The texture of the sleeve is exceptional, as it’s made from a taupe hemp canvas naturally grown in China. As I’ve come to expect with Colcasac, no dyes are used in the Uintah case, ensuring that it won’t discolor anything it sits by in your bag.

The front of the sleeve possesses a single pocket for storing the MacBook Air charging adapter. Although it’s a tight fit, you can get your charger in there. What’s more is that the tight fit ensures that your charger won’t fall out. In fact, in their product description, Colcasac says: “Worried that it will fall out? It won’t.” On the pocket is an embroidered tag with the Colcasac logo on it, which isn’t distracting and doesn’t look out of place. Furthermore, above the pocket is a high-quality velcro strip to close the pocket. While I can’t comment on the longevity of the velcro yet, it seems extremely high-quality and I’d be surprised if it degraded much at all.

Like other Colcasac sleeves, the inside of the Uintah in lined with an extremely soft cotton. As you could imagine, this ensures protecting from scratches that may occur. Another thing Colcasac is known for is the fit their sleeves provide, and the Uintah is no different. The sleeve fits phenomenally, not leaving any excess space and ultimately providing comfort while carrying it. A good fit also ensures that your MacBook Air won’t slip around while inside, something that could be dangerous during an accidental drop.

At the end of the day, Colcasac succeeds again. It’s apparent that they have quite the recipe for crafting a high quality sleeve while using eco-friendly materials. The Uintah looks great with a natural taupe color and great form factor while providing ample protection for transporting your MacBook Air. You can check out the Uintah sleeve from Colcasac’s website, and pick it up for a price of $45.00.

MSRP: $45.00

PROS: Exceptional design, constructed of great materials, great fit.

CONS: None noticeable.

Original Author: Roger Ogden

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