Review: iPad Stabile Stand From Thoughtout

When I was looking around the market to find a sturdy yet sleek stand for my iPad and iPhone I stumbled across the company Thoughtout. Thoughout is a United States based company that offers fantastic stands and holders for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. So I got in contact with Thoughtout and they sent me out a Stabile stand for my iPad. Here are my thoughts.

When I first received the package I didn’t realize how heavy the actual product was. The stand weighs in at around 4lbs. making it the most sturdy stand for an iPad that I have ever used.The stand comes in three different colors and is compatible with both iPad 1st Gen and 2nd Gen.

  • Silver (which according to there site matches the Apple keyboard)
  • White
  • Black (I went with black to match my setup)

A nice thing about the stand is that you can have a case on it while your using the stand. You don’t have to take off any cases to use it making it about 100 times more convenient to use. I currently use the smart cover which when you flip it over to the back the magnets in the smart cover connect to the back of the stand so you don’t have to worry about the cover moving around.

The Stabile Stand also features a Spilt back™ cable management system. Which means that there is a opening in the back just like the iMacs that allows you to easily run your 30 pin connector right up to the iPad.

The actual stand itself has 4 grips on it to secure your iPad and gives you a perfect  viewing angle of 55°. This viewing angle makes it terrific if you have a bluetooth keyboard attached and want to type full documents on your iPad. While I was giving it a shot I was impressed at how normal it felt to type into the iPad with the stand holding my iPad. You can also have your iPad in both portrait and landscape mode while using the stand.

The Stabile stand runs you $49.99 and it is money well spent I believe. It fits perfectly and takes away the clutter from my desk.

You can learn more about the Thoughtout Stabile Stand here.


Original Author: Matt

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