Hunt: Showdown’s Newest Event – Tides of Corruption

Hunt: Showdown has just released its latest update, Tides of Corruption, which introduces a plethora of new weapons, ammunition types, firearms, traits, and more. Tides of Corruption is an extension of the storyline from their previous summer-long event, Tides of Shadow, which saw the introduction of a new Wild Boss target, Rotjaw.

Similar to their previous event, Tides of Corruption incorporates a pact system, allowing hunters to select a unique covenant with diverse traits. To acquire these traits, each hunter must accumulate Pledge Marks, which can be earned by achieving 30 points during a mission, banishing boss targets, looting other hunters, or emerging as the sole survivor in quick play matches.

Once you’ve amassed the Pledge Marks, you can join one of three pacts: Death, Infernal, or Demented and start allocating traits.

Death Pact

  • Witness: While in Dark Sight, deceased hunters and monsters become visible, and health restoration is slightly increased when in close proximity. This effect is also highlighted in Beetle view.
  • Relentless (1/3): Your hunter won’t lose a health bar when downed.
  • Vulture: Looting a deceased hunter will restore one Health Chunk in exchange for 1 Pledge Mark.

Infernal Pact

  • Blazeborne: Health restoration is significantly increased while in flames, and you can’t catch on fire.
  • Rampage (1/3): Killing an enemy hunter while at least one Health Chunk is empty triggers a Restoration effect for your hunter.
  • Bloodless: Bleeding is automatically stopped because your wounds are cauterized (1-second cooldown).

Demented Pact

  • Acolyte: Gain a random Trait or some Hunt Dollars when you or your team picks up a Clue.
  • Remedy (1/3): Use Dark Sight to interact with a Trait to trigger a Restoration effect similar to banishing for your team’s hunters (25-meter range).
  • Ghoul: Damaging boss or wild targets restores a small amount of health.

The traits marked with (1/3) signify that multiple copies can be stacked with Pledge Marks, allowing each trait to trigger more than once. For instance, if you have Rampage (2/3), you can activate the Restoration effect twice when missing health after killing an enemy hunter.

Lastly, the progression system for this event includes a 50-level battle pass that can be advanced primarily by completing challenges and various other methods, as shown in the image below:

Hunt: Showdown’s Tides of Corruption is sure to attract more players and continue expanding the player base. While many are uncertain about how these new traits will impact gameplay, they will undoubtedly introduce a fresh and distinctive gaming experience throughout the event’s duration.

While still currently unreleased for consoles, PC players can dive in and play Tides of Corruption right now!

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