How 3D Scanning Is Changing the Medical Field

3D scanning technology is currently changing the world. It allows us to preserve artifacts, reverse engineer products and equipment, and expand the field of special effects, but that’s not all. Today, 3D scanning is changing the medical field. It’s revolutionizing the way doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are caring for patients and giving those in need a new lease on life. Learn how below.

Custom-Fit Prosthetics

People with limb differences, such as those who have had amputations or were born without certain limbs, can have a hard time finding suitable and affordable prosthetics. 3D scanners can pick up on details of the body that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye and amplify such details in images. As a result, prosthetists can create custom-fit prosthetics more easily and cheaply. This makes patients more comfortable, and it makes prosthetics more accessible for those who previously may not have been able to afford them.

Precise Facial Measurements

3D scanners can take precise measurements of the face, which can be extremely beneficial for the dental industry. For many years, dentists have had to rely on molds to create implants and mouth guards. However, holding onto molds for extended periods isn’t always efficient, and teeth can shift over time. 3D scanning technology can reduce the dental industry’s reliance on molds, allowing dentists to take quick measurements of a patient’s mouth and teeth. This means that dentists can keep digital records of their patients’ teeth and alter implants should their teeth shift.

Presurgical Planning

A lot of strategy and planning occurs before a surgery, and the more complex the wound, the more planning is necessary. While 3D scanning technology hasn’t advanced far enough yet to scan the inside of the body, it can take detailed images and measurements of wounds. This allows surgeons to plan the best course of action without the patient present or the need to poke and prod at a wound. 3D scanning can even help surgeons in the operating room, making it easier for them and pathologists to communicate during surgery.

These are just a few of the amazing ways 3D scanning is changing the medical field, and it’s only a matter of time before brilliant medical minds develop new applications. If it can create artificial limbs and change the outcomes of surgeries, there’s no telling what it’ll be able to do next.

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