Gooad cordless pet clippers product review

These cordless Gooad pet clippers offer a reasonably lower noise (less than 60db) level than some similar clippers on the market.  We found the sound to be low enough not to startle our Yorkie or cat too much to where they just run away or make it difficult to clip them.

The Gooad clipper comes with one 3mm, one 6mm, one 9mm, and one 12mm guide for different coat lengths.  They clip on easily and can be removed very easily.  While cutting, the guides stayed attached without any problems while using them on medium-length hair.  At 1.17 pounds, the clipper has a nice weight to it, allowing you to keep the clipper on the pet and unlock the lighter ones where they can easily be pushed away.

The clipper blades are 33-tooth titanium and ceramic movable blades that work together for a decent cut for shorter hair lengths.  Both blades are detachable for easy cleaning or changing.  We noticed that with longer lengths, it would be best to cut those areas with scissors first and then follow up with the trimmer for a smoother, more accurate cutting experience without clipper jams.

You can also fine-tune the cutting lengths even more by twisting the center piece rotating knob above the on/off button to adjust the clippers to 0.8mm-2.0mm, allowing you to get a closer or longer cut with more versatility than some clippers.  This feature worked great in the areas where I wanted to cut as much hair off as possible.

The clippers feature a rechargeable 2200mA high-capacity Li-ion battery that is advertised to last 250 minutes with a charging time of three hours.  The feature that stands out the most is the LCD display that shows the battery status while in use.  You are no longer guessing how much battery life you have left.

The Gooad clipper kit comes with a clipper, four guides, a USB charging cable, a bottle of blade oil, a steel comb, and a very nice zipped carrying/storage case.

  • Pros
  • Quite at 60db
  • USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • LED power display
  • Cons
  • May not work well with longer hair
  • Not sure if replacement blades are available

Other options

Oceskyha Dog Clippers: These clippers are also very quiet, 50 db or less, and feature a low-vibration design. It also features an LCD display for the power status. This kit comes with four guide guards, a brush, a comb, and scissors.

MCBB Dog Clippers: These cordless clippers can last up to 200 minutes on a full charge. They also have a light option at the head of the clipper, making it easier to see in low light or hard-to-reach places. This clipper also has an LCD display for the power status and six adjustable (3mm/6mm/10mm/13mm/16mm/19mm) clipping combs.

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