The 1Mii USB microphone for PC review

The 1Mii USB microphone is an adjustable mic compatible with Windows, Mac IOS, and Linux.  The microphone comes in three colors and is a plug-and-play device, so you can easily set it up in minutes in Windows by just plugging the 1Mii M3 condenser microphone into your PC using the included five-foot USB cable.  Best of all, you do not need special drivers to work.

Once installed, start your favorite audio software or streaming service, or program, and start recording.  The mic works with any communication platform or recording software.  The mic can be used for recording music, videoconferences, meetings, live streaming, creating podcasts, YouTube, and more!

The 1Mii USB microphone advertises high-quality recordings and reduced background noise.  During testing, the microphone reduced or eliminated a lot of the background noise, but it also made the recording a little lower than expected if you were too far from the microphone.  If you stay close to the mic (6-9 inches away), the 1Mii USB microphone delivers decent voice quality without much background noise, as expected.

The microphone also comes with a hidden shock-absorbing bracket that can be fixed on the desktop, making it easier to use.  Or you can use the adjustable tripod stand for more mic flexibility to capture voice and sounds more clearly at every angle.

The 1Mii USB microphone has a soft-touch mute button that will allow you to instantly mute the mic without capturing audible noises when streaming or podcasting.

What is included in the box?

  • One condenser microphone w/muffler
  • One Tripod Stand
  • One five-foot USB-C cable
  • User manual


  • Hidden shock-absorbing bracket
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • Plug-and-play
  • Works with any software or service
  • Easily portable


  • The tripod part of the mic cannot be removed or replaced
  • Short USB cord
  • Low volume at times when the background noise level is too high or you are too far from the mic

Add ons

You can also add on the InnoGear microphone arm boom suspension stand for effortless and silent microphone positioning for your recording situations.

Similar microphones

The FIFINE USB Microphone is a gaming microphone for the PC and it captures clear, smooth, and crisp sound without any static noise. This is an excellent gift for gamers, streamers, or YouTubers.

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