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Just in time for the summer tourism season, Damage Media Group (DMG) is launching a new travel website, The website covers vacation destinations in Europe, with an emphasis on itineraries, road trip ideas, sightseeing suggestions, gastronomy, and other topics that may be of interest to travelers.

Website Specifications

Operating on the latest version of WordPress, will utilize a modified version of the Soledad Magazine theme, a favorite for modern digital magazines. Thanks to its A2 hosting, it will also run at high speeds and render perfectly across all devices.

Summer Travel 2022 Outlook

After two years of people not being able to move much at all, experts predict that summer 2022 will be the busiest travel season in recent memory. Most countries in Europe are relaxing their entry requirements, making it possible for tourists to come and go with ease, as long as they are fully vaccinated. Masks may still be required in some places, but travelers likely see this as a small price to pay for the freedom of movement they have been missing. Content

Focusing on ten unique countries in Europe, the website will give readers information about entry requirements, optimal visiting times, and what to see and do in each country. Each set of articles will have one main country overview article, followed by several smaller articles dedicated to cities within that country. The set of guides for Croatia, for instance, goes into detail about famous cities like Split and Dubrovnik and suggests activities like whitewater rafting and walking tours of Game of Thrones filming locations. is currently still under construction. Six countries have been covered thus far, and the website’s full launch date is set for summer 2023.

About Damage Media Group

An independent digital publishing group based in Tallinn, Estonia, DMG specializes in creating content-driven experiences for technology, travel, and gaming enthusiasts. Since it was established in late 2020, the company has been paving its way into the publishing sector by acquiring existing websites that operate within their markets of interest. It then improves upon those websites via its own network of journalists, editors and contributors from the tech and gaming sectors.

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