celebrates 18th birthday

Time flies when you’re having fun, and having fun is pretty much mandatory while crafting content for Kind of like a reverse, desirable Catch-22, if that makes sense.

This could be why the said publication is now commemorating the 18th anniversary of its first foray into the world of video games journalism. A mesmerizing milestone to witness, if there ever was one.

Not to mention a particularly impressive collective achievement if you keep in mind that was not always ran as a serious business with a variety of ambitions permeating it from the ground up, – which is easily how one might describe it these days.

Instead, the outlet started off as a way more casual gaming blog. It was ran by several students whose overall tastes in video games and media genres happened to match one another to a degree sufficient to allow and even invite frequent collaboration. Yet were still different enough to make nearly any discussion between them somewhat compelling.

So, yeah, time definitely flies because before you know it, here we are, 18 years later, marveling at how this little group made such a mark on local games media following. And rightfully so, might we add, seeing how it continues to put out quality work pretty consistently.

And yet the outlet’s long-time staffers remain as modest as ever, insisting that it is their core following that is unique for sticking around so long. Which is quite a refreshing take in an era of YouTube drama and similar distractions that we can only hope continues.

In conclusion, we would like to wish a supremely terrific anniversary to the whole staff of The Invader, and here is to hoping may more causes and opportunities for similar celebrations awaits us in the future. With everything that’s been happening lately, some extra positivity certainly won’t hurt.


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