Wrangler Turns ‘Rick and Morty’ Into a Fashion Statement

Few things can match the popularity of Rick and Morty., but Adult Swim’s ability to squeeze every extra ounce of potential out of its hit show through licensing deals ranging from unexpected to ridiculous is certainly one of them. The latest piece of evidence testifying to this world-class opportunism is the fact that Wrangler just launched a limited collection of clothing centered around our favorite animated duo.

But this fashion statement isn’t even such a low-effort cash-grab that one might suspect when first learning about it. Wranglers designers have, at the very least, watched the show, eventually coming up with some entertaining ideas – whether with help or on their own – based on the recently concluded season four finale of Rick and Morty. Wrangler, for its part, sees this cross-promotional effort as a sensible marketing strategy for a brand that’s as closely in touch with popular culture as it believes itself to be.

In fact, Wrangler’s global marketing VP, Holly Wheeler, said a huge part of this collaboration came down to them wanting to get in on some of the show’s jokes. In that respect, this latest unexpected encounter with Rick and Morty actually makes plenty of sense, especially relative to something like two separate generations of Rick and Morty Pringles chips we had to endure to date.

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