Adobe Illustrator MAX 2020 Now Available In The U.S.

The Adobe Illustrator MAX 2020 can now be downloaded in the United States and most other parts of the world, Adobe has confirmed during the first day of the three-day Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference which started this afternoon.

The company claims this is the most radical annual update to Illustrator it ever developed, which is in no small part thanks to some incredible feats of engineering propelled by its latest breakthroughs in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Both of which are currently materializing through the Adobe Sensei AI platform, a cloud-based solution that is becoming more impressive by the day.

Some of the new additiuons to Illustrator include cloud documents support, type precision, entirely new creative expressions, a convenient tool for recoloring artwork, and a similar solution for aligning any number of elements with any other baseline or multiple reference points. In effect, Illustrator should now feel much more intuitive to use, almost like it’s reading your thoughts before they have even fully materialzied.

Which is arguably how most great AI technologies feel to use, or even just watch. The Adobe Illustrator MAX 2020 is still available as both an individual subscription and part of several Adobe Creative Cloud app bundles, as was the case so far.

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