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Findables describes their iPhone 5 case as “the first iPhone case with it’s own app.”  If you’re someone who’s lost their iPhone before, or someone who is constantly losing their phone, this is a case and the app for you.  Yeah, I sort of said it, “there’s an App for that.”  Or if you’d rather ditch that stack of business cards taking up space in your gear bag the Findables case can cover that too.  See, each Findables case has a QR code on the back that you customize using an app.  You can chose to add your personal or business information to the QR code so that when it’s scanned the recipient gets all the information about you that you provided into the app.

Want to see how the Findables case works?

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Inside the packaging you’ll find just the case.  No other extras come along with it.

Here’s what Findables has to say about the iPhone 5 case.

Findables’ two-tone colored, ultra-slim case for iPhone 5 makes sharing information easier than ever! Each case comes with a free mobile app so you can customize with your personal or business information. By scanning the QR code on your Findables case, people you meet can enjoy instant access to your information in their mobile devices. And if you happen to misplace your phone, Findables case can help your recover it.

• Share your contact information
• Connect your social networking profiles
• Recover your lost phone
• Minimalist one-piece ergonomic design
• Sleek design allows full access to buttons and ports
• Ultralight impact resistant polycarbonate shell
• Scratch resistant and soft touch finish

The Findables case for the iPhone comes in 7 different colors.  You can choose from black, white, grey, orange, purple, steel blue or glow in the dark.

The case itself is a simple, snap on the back style case.  It features a soft touch finish which adds just the right amount of grip.

The inside of the case is coated with a similar soft touch material so that the back of your phone is protected as well.

Pop the Findables case on your phone and you’ll still have access to all of the ports and controls thanks to cutouts along the top, bottom and side.  Even docking is possible thanks to the cases’s slim profile.

The key though to the Findables case is the QR code on the back.  With a QR reader friends, family members, colleagues or even total stranger can get access to information you pre-specify.

To set up your personal QR code you’ll need to first download the free Findables app from the iTunes App Store.  Then set it up with whatever information you want to show up when the QR code gets scanned.  Some phones, mainly Android devices, come with QR reading apps preinstalled.  If you don’t have one (say you have an iPhone) you can grab any of the multiple free apps from the iTunes App Store.

Via the Findables app you can choose to set up the app in one of three ways: business, social or lost.

Check out my full video review below…

QR codes seem a bit slow to take off but are still a really cool way to store and share information.  If you’re someone who’s trying to go paperless and you’re looking for an easy way to share your contact information around the Findables case works well.  It also works well at providing your information in the event that someone should find your lost phone. This of course relies on the kindness of strangers and the fact that they’ll know what a QR code is and what to do with it.  However, if the stars all align, the Findables system should work as it’s meant to.

You can learn more about the Findables iPhone 5 Case by visiting this page on the company’s web site.

MSRP:  $29.95

PROS:  Multiple colors.  Customizable QR code.

CONS:  Generic looking case.

Original Author: Larry Greenberg

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